An Outline of Expectations When Swimming With Whale Sharks in Australia

While visiting, swimming with whale sharks in Australia is very popular and many people take the opportunity to do so. The Three Islands guide staff are extremely knowledgeable and professional. Guests are safe during the tour and are ensured to have a very enjoyable experience. Below is more information regarding the day, expectations and a time line so that people can be comfortable and informed regarding the activities associated with the scheduled tour.

Expectations During The Day Of The Scheduled Tour

The day typically starts at 7:15 a.m. All guest are picked up by the bus to be taken to the departure point. During the bus ride, a quick talk is given regarding local points of interest, as well as an outline of the day. From there, the guests board the vessel where they are given wet suits and snorkel equipment. A brief introduction of the crew follows and information on vessel safety is given so that guests can feel comfortable on board. Once that is complete, a morning snorkel takes place where there is the opportunity to see sea turtles and colorful fish among the coral. Once that is complete, a briefing is given regarding whale sharks and guidelines regarding interacting with them.

Swimming With Whale Sharks

Once that is complete, the vessel picks up speed and heads to the outer reef where the whale sharks can be found. Once spotted, the first group of swimmers are able to jump in the ocean to swim alongside one of the largest fish in the world. Groups of guests are rotated so that everyone gets to enjoy the beauty of swimming with the whale shark. A photographer is there capturing memories and moments for each guest to have on their complimentary CD. Once that concludes, lunch is provided for all guests as the vessel makes its way back to the dock.

This type of experience is once in a lifetime. It is very adventurous and probably one of the coolest things anyone has ever done. The season for this tour begins in the middle of March and ends in early August. Contact the company for pricing and more information regarding this adventure.